Equine Remedy Bugz Off Concentrate

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My RjJBNjdFMjhBODhCQzg5OUQ4NEE6MTE5OGM3MDY5N2IyNjY3YzYwZGVmYTlhZTdhMWNlYjM6Ojo6OjA=Appaloosa, Hawk, has been fighting Squamish Cell Carcenoma (SCC) for a little over a year and it looks like we have beat this bastard.  Hawk has had SCC for many years, but it was always manageable and in his neither regions.  Last year, 2015, it presented in his right eye.  Needless to say 2015 was a very bad year and expensive.  My husband and I decided to save his eye.

Anyway, he has had some awful allergies these past months.  I have been beside myself trying to find something to help.  I saw ER Remedy on FB.  I read up on it and decided, “Heck I’ve tried everything else, what is a few more dollars.”  I bought the Equine Remedy Bugz Off Concentrate, which needed to be mixed with vinegar, Aloe Vera and water.  I used it, and in three days I could see the welts were not as large and he had no new ones.

I love this product. When we have horses with reactions to no-seeums and other little devils, we feel we are the only ones with this issue and work hard to find something to help them. This product does just that. It is not 100% but it is a great partner in helping in the fight.

One of my horses will scratch himself bloody in the chest and under the chin area, and as long as I use this product scratching stops and heals, with regrowth hair immediately.

My Appie is a different story, he gets hives. So I do have to use a sheet for him at night. BUT I use this on his legs and the mid line and down his back legs in the genitalia area. I also have to spray him where the fly mask and neck wrap have a gap.  While it is not the same effect as the sheet, he does not have hives, which were the size of quarters and insane scratching…now absolutely none. Totally recommend this product.

By Cyndie Pittman

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Equine Remedy Bugz Off Concentrate

10 Score

"Makes One Gallon. Please Follow Directions Carefully. 1. Take 1 empty gallon jug 2. Add 32 ounces of Apple Cider Vinegar. 3. Add 32 Ounces Aloe Juice. (Optional Coat Conditioner) 4. Add Contents of Concentrate (SHAKE WELL) 5. Top off with Distilled Water. 6. Pour into spray bottle or apply as a wipe with a sponge. Shake before dispensing into containers and before use to thoroughly mix contents. Ingredients : Pyrethrins, Essential oils, Emulsifier."

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  • All natural ingredients, it works, it does what it says it will do!

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  • I totally recommend this product! 100%

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