Equine Remedy Antiseptic Liquid/Lotion

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RjJBNjdFMjhBODhCQzg5OUQ4NEE6MTNhZDJkYTliN2Y1NGJkOGY4MDgwMzhkMzMxZTk1ZjU6Ojo6OjA=My Appie, Hawk, suffers from sensitivity to insect bites.  His mid line had become tough like bad leather.  He now was getting scratches, and full blown, awful looking sores.  So I ordered  Equine Remedy Antiseptic Liquid/Lotion.  I could see he was healing and the sores were drying up.

Hawk has a special fly mask, Equine Sun Visors makes it, and he wears it all day and sometimes at night.  The skin on his face was getting thin and getting sores from the rubbing of the mask, even with special lining.  I requested a specially made mask from Equine Sun Visors and they hooked me up, great people, but this was not working this year.  I used the Equine Remedy Antiseptic Liquid/Lotion on his face and his face was feeling softer the next day and the quarter size boil-like sore on the bottom of his cheek was drying up as well.

I have a total of 6 equines.  Believe me I can go through medicines.  The good thing about Equine Remedy is it is all herbal.  Heather Gavitt uses essential oils and other natural ingredients in her remedies. These can be used on dogs too.   One of our Pit Bull rescues is allergic to fleas.  I didn’t get his prevention to him fast enough and his backside looked like hamburger.  We used the Equine Remedy Antiseptic Liquid/Lotion and he looks good as new.

By Cyndie Pittman

The Review

Equine Remedy Antiseptic Liquid/Lotion

10 Score

"The same as our original ointment, but in a liquid. Works better to cover large areas for issues such as rain rot, sweet itch and mange. Comes with a squirt top lid. Ingredients: Mineral Oil, Coconut Oil, Sulfur Powder, Vitamin E Oil and Essential Oils."

The Good

  • Works quickly, all herbal ingredients

The Bad


  • I highly recommend this product 100%

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