The March Issue of Sport and Trail Magazine

Contributing Authors:  Ken Marchionno, Rob “The Hun” Morton, Jeff Wilson, Barbra Schulte, Nancy Slater, Carole Herder, Julie Alonzo, Mark Bolender, Michelle Thomas, Dorrine Norby and Brian Pierick, Troy Lynn Norris, Robin Morris, Brandy Von Holten and Ashley Armijo.

Photography: Brian Minear, Eric J. Keller, Samantha Waidler, Ashley Armijo, Jim Edmondson, Robin Morris, Hal Cook, Jennifer Larson, Sydney Croasmun, Lyndsey Fitch, Bruce W. Menke, Ken Marchionno, Rein Photography and Aponi.

Associations: Working Equitation (WE United), Mounted Archery Association of the Americas (MA3), Equine Trail Sports (ETS), Back Country Horsemen of America (BCHA), International Mountain Trail Challenge Association (IMTCA), American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC), Top Trail, North American Trail Ride Conference (NATRC) and Friends of Sound Horses (FOSH).


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