In the September 2016 Issue: 

  • Endo the Blind by Morgan Wagner
  • Riding the Runaway Plow by Jeff Wilson
  • Hosting an Event Will Be Easy by Brandy Von Holten
  • The Big Tumble by Barbra Schulte
  • Barefoot & Booted; The Struggle by Carole Herder
  • Four Beat and Half a Century: The American Paso Fino Association by Stefanie Schermerhorn
  • Mini Hooves of Love by Jen Wenzel
  • Spring Break by Parelli Professional Nancy Slater
  • Gulf Coast Horsemanship Association (AHCA Affiliate) by Karen LaRue
  • WE United Working Together to Create a Strong Future by Julie Alonzo
  • Distributing Hay Feeds for more Exercise by Dr. Tanja Romanazzi

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September 2016

In the August Issue: 

  • Behind the Scenes at Breyerfest by Jeff Wilson
  • A Model School for Special Needs Incorporates Parelli Methods by Nancy Slater
  • Green Compost for Bedding by Dr. Tanja Romanazzi
  • Riding Among Wildlife by Mark Peterson
  • The Versatile Tennessee Walking Horse by Colleen Leon
  • Love Valley by Leesa Wright
  • Horse Protection Authority of Florida by Jen Wenzel.Also: Barbra Schulte, Carole Herder, Guy McLean, WE United (Working Equitation) and Equine Trail Sports (ETS).

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In the July Issue: 

  • Mounted Archery: Revival of the Samurai by Debra Redman
  • Equine Trail Sports by Holly Carson
  • American Horsemen Challenge by Meg Wills-O’Daniel
  • Von Holten Ranch, Missouri
  • The Quiet Mind by Barbra Schulte
  • Gait, Balance and Reprogramming by Jody Childs
  • I Started a Rescue by Jeff Wilson Cowboy Dressage
  • Barefoot and Booted by Carole Herder, Cavallo President
  • Back in the Saddle by Nancy Slater, 2 Star Parelli Professional
  • Free Range Stabling by Tanja Romanazzi, PhD.
  • Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary, Colorado
  • Drought & Heat: 911 Hooves

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July 2016

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