Death of a Friend

Death of a Friend

Friend: an individual someone knows and with whom has a bond of mutual affection.

I’m a horse lover, and if you’re reading this, you’re probably one too! Horse lovers think of their horses as friends. Not pets. Not possessions. Friends.

Hanging with my herd, I offer belly scratches, giving a friendly, “Good boy” and, “Pretty girl!”. They are welcome to ask me questions and I will listen. The conversation is always open. Using Natural Horsemanship methods has been a great way for me and my grandchildren to deeply bond with our horses.

A Natural Horsemanship student had a horse colic. She was scared and prayed, as we all did, for her friend to recover. She stayed close, asking questions as the veterinarian worked on him, watching for any sign of improvement. She comforted him with kind words as he reached out his nose to give her a soft nuzzle.

She unhesitantly spent money to try to make him well again. But ultimately, a difficult decision had to be made. Although devastated, she didn’t want Monte to suffer. He went peacefully, hearing her soothing words, as he passed over rainbow bridge. Although heartbroken, she plans to eventually get another horse.

Not just any horse will be picked. She won’t be looking for a ‘project’ horse. Horses will get passed by because they are ‘throw away’ horses, as I call them. Lack of horse training know-how, impatience, force, and intimidation causes throw away horses. These horses with dangerous behaviors and bad attitudes will not be welcomed. They’re never chosen on purpose by anyone.

I don’t want people seeing results of poor training to think horses in general are not worth spending money on. We need horses and they need us! In these uncertain times, I fear for the future of horses. How do we help get them into happy, loving forever homes?

How can we help horses find and hold onto friends?

Natural Horsemanship methods, done properly, have PROVEN that people who speak Horse have better results with horses. Nothing promotes horses well-being more than people learning to communicate in a way horses understand naturally!

Horse breeders can give babies a jump start to a great future from the day they are born. A good foundation is the most important lesson young horses will need to know in our world to survive and thrive.

Natural Horsemanship Trainers shorten how long they have a horse in for training AND successfully change the behavior and performance of the horse for the owner, when they require the owner to participate in the training.

Kids need horses to love and ride! Natural Horsemanship puts horses safely into their lives. Parelli Natural Horsemanship Savvy Club provides fun and purposeful activities. Imagine kids enjoying quality family time outdoors with their horses. My grandkids live for horses!

The non profit Parelli Foundation gives grants to people and organizations who help horses. Using Natural Horsemanship methods, horse rescues can improve the behavior of the horses they save, resulting in more successful adoptions.

Be a friend.

You can show you care just by sharing Natural Horsemanship events, expos, courses, demos, workshops, and clinics on social media. Show what’s possible: Find inspiring Natural Horsemanship videos on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to LIKE and SHARE. Unlikely people would want to own and love horses like you and I do, once they understand what amazing friends horses can be.

My mission is to create a better world; to build a lasting bond between humans and horses everywhere. A ‘good’ horse, like a good person, will find friends wherever they go, their whole life. Save a horse, tell a friend!

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