The June 2020 Issue

The June 2020 Issue

Titles This Issue:

Breed Feature: The Gypsy Vanner Horses of WillowWind Stable
Non-Profit Feature: The Parelli Foundation
Jeff Wilson Cowboy Dressage / Horsemanship: You Wanna What?
Parelli Professional Nancy Slater: Why Obstacle Training
Barefoot & Booting Authority Carole Herder: Protection for Shod Horses
WE United: Julie Alonzo; The Johnny Appleseed of Working Equitation
MA3: What is a Mounted Archery Postal Match?
Equine Trail Sports: The IAHLA Ribbon Awarded to the ETS High-Point Andalusian
IMTCA: Mark Bolender’s “Sir Rugged Chex” aka Checkers Becomes First Breyer Horse Representing the Sport of Mountain Trail
Back Country Horsemen of America: The Double Diamond Award goes to the Nature Coast Back Country Horsemen of Florida
NATRC: What Competitive Trail Riding is and Why We Do It
AERC: Endurance Ride-Ready: Start Slow & Steady
Top Trail Horse: The GPS Equipped Rider
FOSH: Dressage – A Path to a Better Dressage Horse

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