ETS: 2019 Missouri Fox Trotter Horse Breed Assn. Winner

Randy Gassett and her Foxtrotter, Sherlock

2019 Missouri Fox Trotter Horse Breed Assn Winner 
Southwest Region
Owned and ridden by Randy Gassett

Equine Trail Sports provides breed recognition by providing annual tournaments for many breed associations.

“I began competitive trail riding in 1999 with NATRC and my now 24 year old Arab. I learned how to camp with my horse and how to properly feed and condition for distance riding. I gained many great friends on the countless trails I was privileged to ride, many of which could only be accessed by foot or on horseback. I later began riding ACTHA and then ETS with Sunrise Smokey Bear, or Sherlock as I call him, my now 13 year old Foxtrotter. I continue to make life long friends and ride amazing trails.

Our journey has taken us from our home state of Arizona to competitions in Tennessee, Nevada, Colorado, and California. We have camped in South Dakota and ridden among the bison at Custer State Park. What variety my horse and I have experienced on these trails, from desert mountains, to the hills of Tennessee, to the Pacific Ocean, and  the lights of Las Vegas. We have ridden through sunshine, thunder storms and snow and kept on trekking. When Sherlock sees the trailer hitched up, he willingly jumps in and asks “where are we off to now”? Sherlock is such a good sport and puts up with all the goofy things I ask him to do, although he may sometimes question my judgment.

I ride with an amazing group of women, and although we all love to bring home the blue ribbon, we cheer each other on and congratulate each other on our accomplishments and support each other in our losses. It has been the journey that my horsemanship has been built upon, and it is the people, places and friends we have met along the way that continues to be the icing on the cake!”  ~ Randy Gassett


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