ETS Northwest Regional Champions

ETS Northwest Regional Champions


The Northwest Region has held a regional finals event for the past several years. This year’s regional finals wrapped up on Sunday, October 13, 2019. Riders have to first qualify for the finals. The top 15 riders in each bracket (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced) with the highest scores from their top 10 events advance to the Regional Finals. Riders compete for a custom Equine Trail Sports saddle. The Novice winner wins a saddle, Intermediate wins a saddle and saddlebags, Advanced wins a saddle, saddlebags, a brow band, and a breast collar. Hosts in the northwest region work together all year to make the finals a successful event.

Northwest Region Novice Champion

Lexi Clow & Sheik

Lexi Clow, a spunky 10 year old from Caldwell Idaho & her horse, Sheik, are this year’s Northwest Regional Novice Champions.  Sheik & Lexi have developed an amazing partnership over the past 3 years.  Lexi began competing on Sheik in trail challenges & 4H shows after her stepdad, Kelly Jamison, retired him from a successful career in Extreme Mountain Trail.  Sheik’s “retirement” has been far from restful, as Lexi has kept him active in 4H shows & even barrel racing at some local rodeos.  Despite the unfortunate fact that Sheik lost his right eye in January of 2019, due to complications from a chronic viral infection, this past year has been highly successful for this team.  Lexi & Sheik captured multiple Grand Champion Awards in Showmanship, Reining, and Horsemanship and of course Trail, at their local county fair.  They also won high point awards in 2 separate open 4H show series as well as the ETS Mountain Desert Buckle Series (Novice Champion) held in Idaho this past year.  Lexi began competing in Equine Trail Sports events in 2017 along with her sister Jordan and her parents, Kelly & Barbara Jamison (also ETS Hosts).  Lexi has already set her sights on competing in the Intermediate Division next year, where she will give her Mom a run for her money!

Northwest Region Intermediate Champion

Deb & Huey

Born and raised in Oregon, Deb Hogevoll has lived with her family in Siletz, Oregon on a 158 acre ranch for the past 18 years. Huey is her 17 year old paint who also resides at the ranch along with 3 watusi cows and plenty of deer and elk. Deb and Huey enjoy riding and practicing obstacles on their ranch.

Deb has owned Huey for 8 years. She first started riding him with a drill team, western pleasure, and then stock horse events. Huey didn’t seem to care for them much so Deb tried obstacle trail events with Equine Trail Sports. Deb could tell right away how much Huey enjoyed the trail events. Huey looks and studies his obstacles and then gives it his all, truly thinking his way through them. Deb is thrilled to ride Huey in trail events simply because he enjoys it so much.

As their riding season wraps up this year, Deb and Huey look forward to riding more trail events in 2020.

Northwest Region Advanced Champion

Maral & Scooby

Maral Eckenrod lives in Seabeck, Washington, with her husband Frank and their 3 children: Jacob, Jamie and Josh, and their family dog Bo. Maral has been riding horses since she was 5 years old and has been blessed with several great horses in her riding career.  In addition to riding she loves to cook and collect antique glass.

Her ETS mount is a 12 year old (est.) killpen rescue name Scooby.  He is a 14 hand palomino and white pinto gelding.  They have been partners for 5 years. Winning the NW REGIONAL finals advanced division championship saddle is a dream come true for Maral, and has been a culmination of thousands of hours spent working together to have the kind of partnership needed to achieve this goal.

Upon returning home from finals Maral has picked up training her 2020 ETS mount, Saint.  Scooby will be taking a break from competition and will enjoy some well-earned time off.


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