New NASMDA Ambassador Program

New NASMDA Ambassador Program

By Association Secretary, Debbie Walkinshaw

“Behold the Desert” owned by Ray-Delfino Carol, ridden by Laura Hermanson

I would like to introduce our new NASMDA (formerly NASMA) Ambassador Program.  The NASMDA Ambassador program is designed for our members to educate people about NASMDA’s role in promoting the longear, the associations work in educating people about them and the associations desire to enhance the lives of children by raising them up in a world filled with the delights of mules and donkeys. Our NASMDA members are entitled to participate in this program by simply contacting Jo Teter and requesting an Ambassador placard. Jo can be reached at 308-364-2601.

By following the program instructions, our members are acknowledged for their participation at the National awards celebration as a NASMDA Ambassador by receiving an Ambassador concho.

There is no cost to our members to participate in this program.

The program instructions:

“Behold the Desert” owned by Ray-Delfino Carol, ridden by Laura Hermanson

1. Hang the placard at your stall or trailer where your longear is residing and take a picture. Don’t forget to take your placard with you when you leave.
2. Take a picture of the event show bill or event publication.
3. Take a picture of your longear at the event.
4. Send all pictures to the association secretary to be used to acknowledge your work on the association social media platform.

Please keep in mind the following requirements for this program:

• The owner of the animal must be a current NASMDA member.
• The longear used must be registered with NASMDA.
• The exhibitor does not need to be a NASMDA member.
• The event you are participating in can be any organized show, trail ride, clinic, educational, and or charitable event, so long as it not associated with NASMDA and it has some organizing body or association hosting it.
• You can participate in as many non-NASMDA association events in a year as you like, but you must complete one each year to be recognized as a NASMDA Ambassador for that year.

We invite you to become a member of the association and be a part of this fun, and beneficial new program. If you are already a NASMDA member, get your placard now and get the word out about our wonderful association!


What a marvelous first outing for our NASMDA Ambassador Program. Behold the Desert was shown at the United States Dressage Federation Lemonade Daze 1 and 2 show the 10th and 11th of August this year in Dallas Texas. Behold the Desert is owned by Carol Rey Delfino of Bakersfield California. He was shown by Laura Hermanson of Austin Texas. Laura and “Beasley” had two amazing rides taking home seconds in both classes in second level. Thank you Carol for taking us there!



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