Top Ten Reasons to Host with Equine Trail Sports

Top Ten Reasons to Host with Equine Trail Sports

Equine Trail Sports is a national organization consisting of a variety of events where competitions are based on horsemanship skills while navigating natural and man-made obstacles.

Support the Equine Community
In today’s world, it is more important than ever to keep the equine industry going and the trail systems open for the next generation! By hosting ETS events, you’ll be giving your rider community a reason to get out and ride, and providing a fun activity for friends and families to do together.

Regional & National Relevance
Your events matter! Every event hosted within ETS is automatically a part of an ETS regional and national tournament. With ETS’s automated systems, all scores are combined from every event held and displays the results to the riders in real time.

Funding for You or Your Cause
Hosts can earn $30-$40.50 for each adult entry, and $15-$20.25 for each student (age 7-22) entry. Flexible pricing is provided to allow per person add on fees such as trail fees or series/tournament fees, making registration easier.

ETS Judges

Insurance is Provided
ETS has a national general liability insurance policy and is automatically provided for your event giving you coverage of $2M aggregate and $1M per occurrence. Additional Insureds are also provided as a courtesy. The cost of the insurance is deducted from the event revenue: $51-$76 per day, depending on the type of event you hold. If you have your own event insurance, ETS will waive the cost if it is compatible with the ETS coverage.

Support & Training
ETS provides Host and Judge Training, maintaining consistency of ETS standards, event to event. ETS provides Host support before, during, and after your event. Customer Support (for riders) is provided by the ETS Office.

Many Event Types to Choose From
ETS has many types of events that a host can select from, as well as customize an event type to fit your needs. Current event types include In Hand, In an Arena or Pasture, along 2-10 miles of trail, and Recreational Rides. Hosts can hold multiple types of events in a day/weekend, giving their riders options. Hosts can also offer a series/tournament, an automated feature where the results are calculated and displayed in real time to the riders.

We Train Your Judges
Judges can be gathered from your local equine community. ETS will certify your judges, training them via our Webinar or onsite Judging Clinic. Judges are trained to apply their knowledge to the scoring scale using ETS tools that adhere to the ETS Judging Standards. This maintains a national consistency of scores, event to event.

As ETS trains its judges, their contact information is added to the ‘Judge Pool’. This can be an additional resource for hosts where you may have already trained judges in your area.

ETS judges Beth Moran, left, and Nancy Slater, right, having fun during award ceremonies

Custom Event Management Software Runs your Ride
Online registration is provided for riders. Hosts have an online Roster, an Amenity Reservations System, and an Obstacle Library stocked with obstacles that generates your Obstacle Course Sheet.  Hosts also have all printed event materials needed to run your event including registration, score cards, and so much more!

Custom Scoring App Makes It Easy to Score
Score your event anywhere you need to, no internet required! ETS’s custom Scoring App is downloaded to your device and easy to use.  Once connected to the internet and with the click of a  button, all scores and comments are uploaded to the ETS website giving riders the satisfaction of seeing their scores and comments quickly and easily.

A rider performs a water crossing obstacle during an ETS event. Photo by Karen Quinn-Curl of ©Photographs by Smooch

Riders look forward to spending time with their equines, friends & family as well as meeting new people! ETS events can be a mini vacation for them! Bringing your rider community together will  be extremely gratifying for you and them. Wait until you see the smiles on their faces….

There is no cost to become an ETS Host.  Successful hosts have a small team to assist with their events. You can network with your equine community to draw riders, volunteers, and judges such as  your local 4-H, riding clubs, rescues, or the Back Country Horseman.

Experience Our Event Manager Custom Software!
You’ll see how it all works and most likely answer many questions that may be lingering in the back of your mind. Visit our website:, click the Host  tab, then click the link at the top of the page. You’ll be prompted to enter your email address so we can send you more detailed information.

Learn more about ETS online:

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