TOP 10 Reasons to Ride with Equine Trail Sports!

  1. Fun, new adventures!
    Would you like to experience some new fun trails and venues? All events listed on the ETS website include a description of the location, venue, and amenities so you can make an informed decision. All equines welcome – gaited, mules, minis, etc!
  2. Meet new people in your rider community!
    ETS family is a real thing! Over and over we hear about friendships developing with riders among their ETS family!
  3. Develop your partnership with your equine!
    You don’t know what you don’t know. Each event you experience will expose what you need to work on to better your partnership & horsemanship skills. Whether it is an immediate gait departure or working with ropes or getting your equine more centered over a log, you’ll know what to work on next! Your scores & comments will also give you a hint as to what you can work on.
  4. Ride with your family & friends!
    No matter the age or skill level, you can ride your obstacle trail course with whomever you choose. Riders can sign up for a grouped time slot for their events during check-in.
  5. Variety of event types to choose from!
    In Hand events allow you to test your horsemanship skills from the ground. Mounted Obstacle Course events can be in an arena, across pasture, or along miles of trail. You can view the calendar to select the event types you like.
  6. Have fun with Obstacles!
    Depending on the venue, obstacles can range from completely natural such as uphills and water crossings, to something more constructed such as a carwash, which simulates riding through brush, testing the confidence of the equine. You’ll find that courses will test your skills in 4 different categories – Ground Manners (i.e. mounting), Horsemanship (i.e. forward & backwards movement), Confidence (i.e. crossing over a bridge), and Precision (i.e. turning on the hind).
  7. Customize your Ride!
    Obstacles are constructed with 3 levels of difficulty – Novice, Intermediate, Advanced. For each and every obstacle you encounter, you choose the difficulty level for that obstacle. Does your equine love water? You can choose the highest difficulty level for the water obstacle. Just building confidence with bridges? You can choose the lowest difficulty level for the bridge obstacle. By matching your training level, your choices can set you up for success and help build your partnership with your equine!
  8. Enjoy Friendly, Competent Judges!
    ETS judges are trained and supplied with judging tools to follow a set standard of judging. Judges provide comments with their scores. They provide tips to riders prior to the awards ceremony as well as ‘Shout Outs’, giving recognition to riders who stood out to them at their obstacle in regards to their partnership with their equine.
  9. Points!
    Each time you participate in an event, you accumulate placement points, ranking points, and miles! These contribute to regional and national awards such as conchos, buckles, custom vests & shirts, and trailer stickers.
  10. Lifetime Awards!
    As your Placement Points accumulate, they contribute to Lifetime Awards for equine and rider. Equines earn a custom ETS kilt pin with carrot charms for each level achieved (no matter who rides), and riders earn a custom ETS kilt pin with star charms for each level achieved (no matter which equine they ride).


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