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Troy Lynn Norris and her dogs Logan and Harley

My neighbors who saw me walking almost every day last month probably think I’m a little nuts. Here’s why…

In June I decided to challenge myself and anyone else who wanted to join me to walk (and record with GPS) 100 miles in July. We ran the challenge within the Top Trail Tracks Facebook Group.

The criteria:
*100 miles recorded via GPS
*Accompanied by a companion animal (dog, horse, pony)
*Walk, jog, hike on your own two feet (riding or biking did not count)
*Each activity was posted to the Top Trail Tracks FB group and each week status reports were posted to the group.

On July 30 Harley, Logan, and I crossed the 100 mile mark together. We had only one day to spare. I was relieved and thankful.

Harley was relieved as he only missed two of our walks when I insisted he take a break and took Copper out instead. However, toward the end of the month Harley was getting bored, or tired, or something, and I had to resort to bribing him with cookies to get him to come with me.

Logan missed several walks and instead chose to stay behind with Jerbud several days, who confessed to giving Logan cookies for trick practice while Harley and I were out there walking our tails off. Stinker.

Copper would have liked to go on more of the walks but it takes more time to walk a horse than a dog believe it or not.

Here are some things I learned, not in any particular order: 
1. I burn about 100 calories per mile if I’m walking at least 3.5 mph.
2. Walking is easy on the body but still good for building endurance and strength—especially good for the older person. I used to be a runner. Not anymore— not that I wouldn’t LOVE to run but it is not good for my new hip joint.
3. There is an app called “NLT Bible” that will speak the Bible to me which is fantastic because I’m not very good at sitting down and reading anything that resembles a book these days.
4. Spotify is super for listening to music and podcasts.
5. Walking has been so very good for me on many levels: spiritually, physically, and mentally.
6. Doing something like this for a month develops a good habit. I’m getting ready to go for a walk this evening. It feels weird to not get out there and move.

Troy Lynns horse, Copper

For the month of August I plan to continue walking regularly but adding in more riding. July only saw 50 miles in the saddle. Maybe I’ll swap those miles in August.

To commemorate 100 miles in July I decided to donate $100 to Horse Haven of Tennessee so that my effort didn’t feel so selfish.

If you want to join me on a walking challenge, will probably do it again in September and offer the options of 50, 75, or 100 miles with or without companion animal in tow. The next Challenge will be announced on the “Top Trail Tracks” group.

Top Trail Tracks is the group if anyone wants to join. Doesn’t matter where you live. All you need is a GPS app, and a dog or equine to accompany you on your walk, jog, or ride.

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