RMHA: The Racking Family of Gaits

The signature gait of the Rocky Mountain Horse is categorized into the Racking Family of gaits. These gaits are lateral in the movement of the limb, but unique in that the timing of each footfall should be clearly independent of each other, giving an even or nearly even cadence. If you have been asked if your Rocky is a Paso or a Singlefooter, don’t be offended. The gaits of these breeds are all in the Racking family and though separated by style, animation, and culture; the cadence remains the same. The many names of the Racking gaits include slow tölt, stepped rack, singlefoot, and corto, among others. While the gaits of these breeds may be similar, we celebrate the heritage, temperament and style of our own Rocky Mountain Horses that make them a breed apart.


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