Equine Trail Sports Ride Host “Trails, Etc.”

I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t riding a horse. My grandfather put me in the saddle when I was able to sit up by myself & my mother claims that I haven’t been off one since. My love for horses, learning about them and how to share them has grown over the years and I am grateful I get to spend most of my time (work & play) with horses. My dream was to build a horse business on our 4th generation farm and where I rode my first horse.

In 2014 we opened Trails Etc for public trail riding and overnight camping. Trails Etc is family owned and operated with 60 miles of trails- all on private land in Eufaula, AL. We wanted to share our land with those who may not otherwise have access, so they can enjoy riding on the trails in a safe environment. No matter how long you want to ride, we have trails offering dense wooded paths, wide-open spaces, hard woods, longleaf pines, farm lands and plenty of water crossings- all sandy enough for barefoot horses. Our hope is to provide an atmosphere that is friendly, safe and comfortable to ride so that riders enjoy their experience at Trails Etc.

To introduce riders to our trails we started hosting Equine Trail Sports events. Our partnership with ETS began just with wanting to expose more riders to our trails in hopes that they would come back to ride with us in the future. What a great opportunity it has been for our business.

Not only did we have a way to introduce different riders to our trails, but also our trail riders are now joining ETS events and are enjoying new ways to challenge themselves and their horses and meet new friends.

ETS has been a great addition to our business and an excellent way to highlight our trails and our facility as a venue. Hosting events brings in new riders and helps to promote our friendly, fun atmosphere where riders get to choose their experience!

Equine Trail Sports is set up for riders to enjoy the variety of Trail Challenges, Obstacle Courses, and Recreation Rides in a fun and friendly environment, and it builds friendships while enjoying bonding with your horse.

We like to host ETS events because the Trail Challenges are set up to customize everyone’s experience, so riders get to take a relaxing trail ride and select the challenge level at each obstacle and ride what best fits their goal for that day. The Obstacle Course is across any combination of pasture, arena and trail, and this format provides a fun and challenging contest for riders of all

Trails Etc has hosted 46 Equine Trail Sports events in the last 3 years including, Trail Challenges, Obstacle Courses & Judges Clinics, and we have built a family-like community of riders, judges & volunteers. They are the reason our friendly competitions are a big success for our business.

For more information on Trails Etc visit our website at www.trails-etc.com and view the episode of The Best of America by Horseback with our ETS Demo as one of the highlights of the event.

Learn more about Equine Trail Sports online: www.equinetrailsports.com

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