Working Equitation: Gaited Horses to Compete on Equal Footing in 2019

Gaited Rule Modification

One of the most widely-heralded changes to the United States Rules for Working Equitation is the modification to allow gaited horses to compete on equal footing with non-gaited horses in the United States. Although US WE rules have never prohibited gaited horses from participating, previous versions of the rules required judges to score them down for incorrect gait whenever a test or obstacle pattern required a trot. With the newest version of the rules, published in December of 2018, judges evaluate the trot or intermediate gait (for gaited horses) equally. In other words, gaited horses are no longer penalized for performing at their intermediate gait in the sport.

Julie Alonzo, WE United President Elect

Kris Blacklock and her Rocky Mountain Horse, Gambler’s Jackpot

In the photos, WE United member Kris Blacklock enjoyed a wonderfully successful 2018 competition season! Kris and Gambler’s Jackpot won High Point Gaited Horse, High Point Rocky Mountain Horse, and earned Top Ten honors on both National and Regional Leaderboards!

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