Von Holten Ranch, MO ETS 2019 Buckle Series

Von Holten Ranch is a family owned farm that was purchased by David and Brandy Von Holten.  It has been in David’s family since 1906 and is located in Mora, Missouri.  Ribbons and awards will be provided for each competition.  There will also be a prize table with a crazy range of prizes from all over!  The first place competitors will be able to choose from the prize table first.


Von Holten Ranch is considered the gateway to the Ozarks.  We are hilly and rocking without being really considered hilly or rocky.  Only a horse person would make sense out of that statement.  Some horses/equine are fine being barefoot, but VHR would recommend at least front shoes to be safe.  VHR is divided into half by a low water creek.  Almost all of VHR is wooded.

To register or learn more please visit: https://www.equinetrailsports.com/events/

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