What Equine Trail Sports has Meant to Me

By Diane Ransom

Equine Trail Sports provides a learning opportunity for the inexperienced horse and acclimates horse and rider to trails and obstacles, as was the case for my gelding Nic and I. We started competing in ETS a year and a half ago. The events provided a quiet, relaxed opportunity for us to overcome the fears and anxieties of obstacle competition.

The ability to choose the level of competition is such an asset to all competitors, whether riding an experienced horse or one that needs regular confidence building throughout his experience. ETS hosts provide safe, exciting and challenging obstacles with a friendly professional atmosphere. ETS judges are knowledgeable, professional and willing to assist all levels of riders and horses to advance in their division, to achieve individual goals and gain confidence.

The first year we competed with ETS, my horse was often anxious and unsure at almost every obstacle. With all the opportunities ETS offered, combined with my patience and practice with him, my horse and I were both provided with new skills that helped us continue to improve. We both became more proficient performing obstacles while enjoying time on beautiful trails, which little Nic always enjoys. During the past year, Nic has developed a true sense of belief in me while also discovering his own inner bravery. We successfully obtained our goals to improve our partnership while finishing the year with great success.

I am so thankful for this little but mighty horse, for all the ETS people and to my family and friends for this amazing opportunity. Our ETS journey the past year has brought so much more than intermediate high point winner, it has brought us a partnership of trust, faith, strength, patience and togetherness. That is truly our greatest accomplishment. Though we cannot hang those words on a wall to display as a trophy, they are forever seen in us as what we built and achieved through an incredible horse and how he inspires me. Thank you, Nic, for our dance. I look forward to our next journey together as partners.

A special Thank You to Equine Trail Sports and their hosts for the opportunity for my horse, Bartender Nic, and I to finish the 2017 year as the Midwest Intermediate High Point Winner. These trails were decorated with old and new friends and their incredible equine that made this accomplishment a challenge and a blessing. God Bless you all with my deepest appreciation to this brave but mighty horse, Nic, my family and to Erika Tanney, “my loyal friend and hauling partner in every aspect of competition,” Diane Ransom.

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This article originally appeared in the April Issue of Sport and Trail Magazine

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