Virtual Obstacle Shows (VOS)

By Stephanie Rivers

Virtual Obstacle Shows was started as a fun way to compete from your home barn environment. When you sign up for a VOS, several great things are taking place at once! You are given an obstacle course to set up anywhere you want. You then have 7 days to navigate the course while a friend videos your maneuvers. Turn the video in to VOS and the VOS judges review it and give you a score.

Virtual Obstacle Shows were created as a way for riders to compete with their horses from their home environment. Anyone can compete. Almost any facility is suitable and obstacles can be made with items around your barn or picked up from local lumber stores.

You don’t need to haul off the property. You get to work around your own schedule. There is no waiting for your class. You can have a “do over” if you totally botch it. No one else has to watch your ride, besides the VOS staff. You get feedback from the judge! Did you hear that?! Feedback from the judge! So that you know what you need to work on and what bumped your score up. You can win prizes from each show and accumulate points for season end awards as well as achievement awards.

Anyone from around the world can compete at 3 levels of competition. Every discipline is invited and encouraged to participate. Dress can be casual or formal, it is up to the individual. Good horsemanship is rewarded and partnership with your horse is looked for.

To compete in a VOS, you will be given the obstacle diagram and course on the first day of the show after having paid entry fees. Shows are open for 7 days. Within this time period you will execute your course while someone videos your ride. You will then upload the video to your own personal youtube channel (set video to unlisted) and then email the link with all of your information to VOS.

Within 3 days of close of show, our show judge (only 1 judge per division per show) will review your video and send back your score with comments. The horse and rider combination that scores the highest will win. Prizes will be mailed to 1st-3rd place riders (5-15 entries) or 1st-6th place riders (16 or more entries) in each of the divisions.

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