The March 2018 Issue

The March 2018 Issue

In This Issue

  • The Wild In Us, Planning and Prep by Trent Peterson
  • Nerves No More by Barbra Schulte
  • Pranic Healing by Liza Burney
  • Trailering the Trailhorse by Robert Eversole
  • Non-Profit: Missouri Forget-Me-Not Horse Rescue and Sanctuary by Roxie Nieroda

Contributing Authors: Jeff Wilson, Nancy Slater, Robert Trailmeister Eversole, Carole Herder, Julie Alonzo, Lauren Woodard, Mark Bolender, Loren Zhimanskova, Stephanie Rivers and Leslie Brekke.

Articles by Associations: We United, Mounted Archery of the Americas, American Endurance Ride Conference, Equine Trail Sports, International Mountain Trail Challenge Association, Skijor International and Virtual Obstacle Shows

Photographers:  Nina Galicheva, Hal Cook, Howard Peet, Robert Burney, Anne Pflug, Sue Fay, Peter DeMott, Jason Brekke, Stephen Weidler, Kim Hansen, Leesa Wright, Rein Photography and Aponi.

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