The Michigan Horseman’s Challenge

Lot #0945. Lot #0943. Lot #0944. Lot #0946. Lot #0970.

These numbers were the only identity these animals had while standing in a kill pen in Texas.  Much like the young trainers involved in this competition, these horses were nobodies. Just a number on a piece of paper.  Kayla DeWitt, founder of The Michigan Horseman’s Challenge, had the idea to take five young, unknown trainers, and pair them with five unknown horses, with the intentions of these people and these horses bettering themselves and showcasing their potential and their talents publicly. It gives the horses and the trainers alike a chance.

5 untrained Hancock broodmares * 5 talented trainers * 60 days


Left to right; Victoria Breiling and Ally Mae, Kaitlyn James and Hannah, Cameron Bulloch and Haley, Kennedy Morgan Gollin & Baywatch, Tyler Adams and Hannah

The horse industry can be cut throat, and not always the most welcoming environment for a young, unknown trainer. In the same sense, kill pen horses get a bad rap and are so often looked over. Many horses that wind up in kill pens are registered – some even have champion bloodlines, have all the try and ability to make it to the top, but are never given their chance to shine.

Doesn’t that speak volumes about our society today? A society where a life is disposable just because someone doesn’t see the value in it. Have you ever heard the expression, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure?” Sometimes you just have to shake the dust off and give the coal a chance to become a diamond.

After all of this, there will still be doubters. But let me remind you, Charmayne James found her world champion barrel horse Scamper in a kill pen. He could have easily been passed by. These horses, and these trainers now have the platform to show the world what can come from a nobody. A hip number. A small town trainer with a cob-webby barn.

If you’re a horse person, you know the time and dedication that goes into training a horse. What these trainers will accomplish in a mere 60 days is no small feat. Follow the journey of Victoria, Cameron, Kennedy, Kaitlyn, and Tyler, as they embark on a 60 day training session with these horses. At the conclusion of the 60 days, a main event will be held at The Orchard Arena in Vassar, MI, where the trainers will compete in a series of events for the champion title of the Michigan Horseman’s Challenge 2018.

Hannah. Ally Mae. Amber. Haley. Baywatch.

The new identities of these horses, whose future is bright.


By the event founder, Kayla DeWitt

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