I Love My Life!

By Robin Morris

2017 started out on a rough note, with Beau sustaining a minor injury that put him on stall rest for most of February and on limited use in March. I was able to log 300 miles on friend’s horses during those two months (mostly Ed). Beau recovered, and we moved on, ending the year with 2,062+ miles; down 240 miles from the year prior. Of the 181 rides I logged, (162 on Beau); 118 weresolo; 63 with friends; 63 on the Beartooth Ranch; and 40 in the Wilderness. Beau logged over 4,400 miles in his trailer, riding to the trailheads and back!

We rode 633 miles with Jody Seyler; 208 miles with Jim Anderson; 181 miles with Mary Sybrant; 175 miles with Dan (Kris Kellogg); and 125 miles with Tasha Bass! Longest ride? 30.264 miles on Beau (solo); followed by 30.260 miles, on Ed; also solo. That was close – sorry Ed – I still love you!

My favorite trail is still the Beaten Path/East Rosebud. Most challenging? Connecting Myers Creek with Dead Indian – Tasha and I will rehash that ride for the rest of our lives. And, the most amazing? When Jody and I rode from Lake Fork, over Sundance Pass to West Fork! I remember Jody saying, “we’re higher that the waterfalls”, and we were. That ride encompassed so many emotions – all of which were joyful, soulful and peaceful. I am looking forward to a re-ride!

Beau is more open about showing affection and now pins his ears at the other equines, if they crowd us while we are having “a moment”. He knows he is my #1; and I believe he is honored with that distinction. We are solid partners. We have no idea what 2018 has in store for us, but are hoping that it will bring even more joy. Life, is a trail that moves too fast, and Beau slows me down and reminds me that the journey should be enjoyed, as it does have an end. Happy New Year to all, thank you once again for supporting and cheering us on ~ most especially my life-partner, Frank Morris. I am so in love with my life and those that have chosen to include me in theirs.

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