Equine Trail Sports: More than Obstacles

Photography by Jason Brekke at the Orme School Ranch, Mayer, AZ

Equine Trail Sports is so much more than obstacles. While it is a competitive equine association, it is also an opportunity for riders to experience weekend “vacations” with their horses and completely immerse themselves into those relationships they share. It becomes a time of building greater trust and partnerships.

What ETS Hosts are Saying

“We were honored to host the Equine Trail Sports association. We were pleased with the training they offered as well as a fun day to compete & network with others in the equine community. This could be an annual event at our equine center!”

Marilyn Walker
Asbury University Equine Center
Wilmore, Kentucky

© Jason Brekke

Comments from an ETS Judge

“I left my horse at home and picked up a clipboard and judged at the Orme School OC competitions. It was not as much fun as riding but was definitely a positive learning experience. All competitors should “give back“ to ETS by doing some judging. Mary Sutherland’s clinics are worthwhile and it helps riders to understand how scores are calculated and what judges are looking for.

The competitions went smoothly, especially for a first time endeavor. Hats off to Sylvia Strovel and her staff for involving so many of their students in the project. Many rode and others worked the tables, sold sandwiches and snacks, and helped with tabulating scores. It was awesome to see so many kids involved.

Many of the students attended the judges’ clinic on Friday and all had completed the knowledge test and the video work prior to the clinic. Lots of future judges there. As a retired teacher, I have to say that I am totally impressed by the whole operation as a school fundraising project.” ~ Judy Ellis, AZ

© Jason Brekke

You might be an ETS’er if:
By ‎Frank Maral Eckenrod

  • You stop at neighbors houses to see what their plans are for their downed tree.
  • You comment on trail rides “Those two trees are perfect for a rope gate”
  • You call rotten logs “deadfall”
  • You buy pool noodles in bulk, shipped directly to your door.
  • You stalk Craigslist for 55 gallon drums
  • You get giddy when a friend unearths a giant unwanted tire while working on their property.
  • You randomly back figure eights around trees on your property.
  • While parallel parking you move your fronts, hinds and settle for a 3 count.

© Jason Brekke

ETS events consist of relaxed, family friendly competitions with abundant opportunities to challenge yourself as well as your horse.  The participants adhere to a sense of community, supportive of one another and mindful of each individual’s need of encouragement, coaching and cheers.  ETS incorporates in-hand and under-saddle activities and welcomes all breeds, disciplines and riders of all ages from 7 years through adult.

For more information visit: www.equinetrailsports.com


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