The 2016 November Issue

In This Issue: cover72

  • Horseboarding: The Extreme Sport by Ross Towner
  • Dana Boyd-Miller: Horse Clipper Extraordinaire
  • A Ride of Perseverance by Christine Righeimer
  • American Paso Fino Horse Association: Color Genetics
  • We United (Working Equitation): Top Two Horse & Rider Teams
  • Equine Trail Sports: A Director’s Story
  • A Well Trained Saddle by Jeff Wilson Cowboy Dressage
  • Starting Children by Nancy Slater, Parelli Professional
  • Free Range Stabling by Tanja Romanazzi, PhD
  • Ride In-Spirit by Barbra Schulte
  • Fall Farm Chores by Carole Herder
  • Expert Ride Host Tips by Brandy Von Holten
  • Becky’s Hope Horse Rescue by Gina Leatherman and Jen Wenzel

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