The 2016 September Issue

Inside this Issue: September Issue

  • Endo the Blind by Morgan Wagner and Jen Wenzel
  • Riding the Runaway Plow by Jeff Wilson
  • Hosting an Event will be Easy by Brandy Von Holten
  • The Big Tumble by Barbra Schulte
  • Barefoot and Booted: The Struggle by Carole Herder
  • Four Beat and Half a Century: The American Paso Fino Horse Association by Stefanie Schermerhorn
  • Mini Hooves of Love by Jen Wenzel
  • Spring Break by Parelli Professional Nancy Slater
  • The Gulf Coast Horsemanship Association, Texas Affiliate of AHCA by Karen LaRue
  • WE United: Working Together to Create a Strong Future by Julie Alonzo
  • Distributing Hay Feeds for More Exercise by Tonja Romanazzi, PhD


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