Gait, Balance & Reprogamming

Gait, Balance & Reprogamming

Perspectives at 60
By Trainer/Instructor Jody Childs of Del Dios Peruvians

JRBEACHAbout 15 years ago, Jody started teaching people how to trail ride safely.   During this time she’s clearly noted that humans react virtually the same when confronted with a scared horse under their saddle. Unfortunately, the subconscious mind  wants to protect the rider by going into a fetal type position, tucking the body forward to avoid injury.   This forward position actually creates a greater risk of injury, or of being propelled from the saddle. Jody has found that in order to keep people safe she’s had to reprogram their minds to correctly defend the body.

“I have started riders who were 64 years of age who had  never ridden a horse. These people just cannot afford to hit the ground,” states Jody.

It was imperative that these new riders rode in very balanced way and were educated as to what to do in an emergency situation on the back of a horse.
This led her to begin to offer obstacle clinics for trail riders and the response has been extremely positive with riders becoming so familiar with their horses fear response that they become very confident in the saddle and have fun.

At the urging of Mr. Gary Lane Jody has become aware that there’s a true need of clinicians for riders that have gaited horses. It turns out that without an understanding of gait, people can have quite a rough ride in the saddle. In fact, unlike a trotting horse that never loses the trot, it’s completely possible to lose the gait with walking horses, mountain horses, and pasos. The unfortunate result is that the horse may not stay sound by moving improperly in addition to the roughness.

Lastly, Jody’s horses are all trick trained to the delight of her students and friends. Naturally, people have asked for instruction to get their horses to give kisses, pick things up, bow, and lay down. In fact Jodys horse Chrome will sign his autograph with a pen. Therefore Jody also offers trick training clinics.

Jody started teaching people when she was 13 years old. Throughout her lifetime she has started hundreds of riders from the ground up taking their first lesson and then becoming champions in the show ring.

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